A Letter From A Happy Customer
Wednesday, May 11, 2011 at 7:45AM


We recently received this letter from a very happy client.  She and her three young girls were at home when a fire started.  Needless to say she was under a lot of stress when Champion (a Certified Restoration Team Member) arrived to handle the repairs.  Fortunately, they were able to have her home repaired and her family moved back in their home in less than seven months.  She was very happy with the level of service she received and this is what she had to say:

To Whom It May Concern:

My “normal family life was changed by a fire that almost devoured our home.  I had no real way of knowing the far reaching effects of losing my home and the displacement of what I took for granted was our way of life for my three girls and me. On that night we were horrified as the fire engulfed our home and there was nothing we could to stop it. It was a wonderful blessing that the four of us were not injured in the fire.

I had no way of knowing what to do next. ... I didn’t know how bad that fire was until I went back to the house to meet the team. ...I was in shock and though no one else may have known, I could barely move or speak. I could not get past the smell and look of the house. Eventually. the Champion team was all in the house telling me who they were, what they were doing and what would happen in the months to follow. The truth is, I do not remember who introduced themselves to me nor can I recall exactly what they told me that day or for the next week or so. I could just not absorb anything except the devastation along with the faces and sounds of people talking to me.

I do remember feeling that the members of the Champion team were professional, caring and kind. They handled the items in my home with a kind of care that I would not have expected because the items were badly damaged, destroyed and smelled badly. I say that they had respect for my property no matter the condition and I do appreciate that. I was upset many of those early days but they were never disrespectful and though I may not have understood much of what they said, their responses were never demeaning.

The weeks passed and I had difficulty just going into the house. I was scared and had difficulty comprehending how our home would be restored and not smell like smoke. I was concerned  with how long such a project would take. When I learned that the structure was sound but the damage was more than $50,000, I had no idea who could do this major reconstruction. I didn’t even know where to start. I remember Sam Elliott explaining that his company, Champion, could do the work. He sent me to his website to better understand who they were and what kind of restoration they handled.

Sam said they could complete the project in seven months. I reluctantly agreed although I had trouble believing that Champion could restore my home to “as good as or better than” the original structure. I had apprehensions about my choice because I just had no knowledge about any kind of reconstruction. Joel Reets (Champion’s Owner) talked to me and explained their business, how long they had been in business and the integrity of their business – I listened.

Sam Elliott became my team manager for the reconstruction of my home. He kept me informed, gently prodded me when I was slow, explained things to me sometimes three or four times. He helped me to make good choices in the reconstruction. When I made bad choices he worked with me to correct the choices. Sam was a professional but he was also human. He may have known that I was anxious a lot of the time but his tone and mannerism always helped me to calm down.

I am elated with the reconstruction. Our home is beautiful and better than our original home.

I said all of this to say thank you to Champion for their professionalism, compassion, timeliness, and great work. Sam, thank you for working with me, guiding me along, helping me understand and looking out for me when I may not have known what to look out for. Champion did a great job! I would highly recommend this company for any home reconstruction project. My girls and I love the house – it is truly our home again.

Article originally appeared on Certified Restoration Team (http://certifiedrestorationteam.com/).
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