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About Certified Restoration Team

Certified Restoration Team is a group of contractors that have all been certified to properly restore properties after a water or fire loss.  Did you know that the vast majority of restoration contractors have never been certified and perform substandard work in homes and businesses around the country?  Unfortunately those property owners don’t realize until too late that they have gotten poor quality service.  This can lead to on-going damage, mold growth, bacterial amplification and a generally unhealthy structure.  

You can do a lot to prevent these problems by hiring a certified firm.  All of the firms that are a part of Certified Restoration Team must prove their credentials and maintain their certification through Continuing Education.   You can choose a Certified Restoration Team member with confidence because they have the knowhow to fix your property right.

No Certified Restoration Team member pays to be a part of the team and they don’t pay for referrals.  We work cooperatively for the advancement of our industry and the betterment of our customers.  Please support our efforts by recommending CRT to your insurance agent or adjuster.